The Art of Forensic Detection and Sherlock Holmes
Robert Ing The fictional Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes was ahead of his time when it came to forensics during the years of 1880 to 1914 when he practised the Art of Forensic Detection. This article discusses some of the forensic methods used by Holmes and compares them to their non-fictional counterparts in the 19th century and present day.

Book: The Forensic Case-Book of Dr. Robert Ing
Robert Ing This is a book that introduces the reader to the world of Dr. Robert Ing, a real-life forensic intelligence specialist. Dr. Robert Ing is an internationally acclaimed forensic intelligence specialist who has traveled the world on behalf of the interests of governments and major corporations. Dubbed as a modern day Sherlock Holmes he uses a hybrid of the 19th century art of detection and 21st century science of detection to uncover the deadliest of crimes. In this book, he presents 8 of his cases from around the world, and explains in lay terms, the real technology used to commit the crime and to investigate it. Join the good Doctor in his adventures, as he travels the world to track down spies, terrorists, human traffickers and computer crackers. ISBN: 978-1895-37724-8.

Privacy Invasion and Fraud Alert
Robert Ing Each day ordinary people are having their privacy invaded, their personal information stolen and even offered to these criminals unknowingly by well meaning family, friends and co-workers. Learn about how you can protect yourself and your family. Share this information with everyone you know.

Personal Computer Users Could Be Weakest Link In Fight Against Terrorism
Robert Ing A terrorist has two prime objectives; to obtain information and to disable a target at any cost. A personal computer user could unknowingly assist a terrorist in accomplishing these objectives but it doesn't have to be this way. Download this article to learn how to stop a terrorist or professional criminal from using your computer and Internet account.

Book: Chatter Beyond the Fringe
Robert Ing Based on the case files of Dr. Robert Ing, Chatter beyond the Fringe takes you into a world of terrorists, slave traders, spies, gunrunners, drug traffickers, and computer hackers. This is the secret world of technology that is used by contemporary terrorists and spies, and seldom seen on the evening news.

In our high-tech world of Internet-savvy criminals, forensic intelligence professionals like Dr. Ing are the first line of defense. As he travels around the globe to track down offenders and felons, Dr. Ing walks you through each case, explaining highly technical concepts in a way that any layperson can understand. He strips away the bells and whistles and tells it like it is.

Chatter beyond the Fringe reads like a diary that is filled with dashes of conspiracy theories, technology, forensics, and action. By reading these accounts, you'll become more aware of how technology, in the wrong hands, could impact your very life. ISBN: 978-0595-69819-6.

You Can Stop Computer Viruses
Robert Ing There are well over 8,000 active computer viruses in the world in any given twenty-four period and 5 new viruses are introduced daily. The majority of computers will catch a virus through an e-mail attachment or link. Catching a virus by file sharing is the second most popular way to get infected. However, by following these simple steps you can stop most computer viruses before any damage is done.

Information Security: The Instructive Code "Backstop"
Robert Ing Most virus utility software detects and quarantines approximately 90% of those currently in distribution. As for Trojans (rogue programs that allow an unknown third party to access and control your computer), commercial virus utility software detects and quarantines approximately 60% of these, while a dedicated Trojan utility software fares better at approximately 98%. Although these performance figures may offer a guarded level of comfort, there is a threat that even the most robust and efficient virus or Trojan utility commercially available today cannot protect you from. That threat is known as an instructive code Trojan, or as those in the cracker underworld call it, a "backstop". Is there one on your computer? Download the article and know the answer.

Identity Theft: The New Technology Crime
Robert Ing Identity Theft in the Western World has increased dramatically since the beginning of the millennium and has replaced credit card fraud as the new number one technology crime. Identity Theft is when someone steals (uses) someone else's identity for the purpose of personal or financial gain, or in order to support the commission of a criminal act. How easy would it be for someone to steal your identity? Download this article and find out.

Etiquette for Those Who Choose to Be Civilized in an Uncivilized World
Dr Robert Ing In business and personal relationships the appearance of being intelligent, respectful of others and civilized is a must. While it would be possible but improbable, and impractical to take every individual and instil within them perfect etiquette, the best one can strive for in our 21st century is to offer up À la carte etiquette items that represent the most common errors in business and daily life. In this way, one may select those items they feel they may easily incorporate or be mindful of, as they conduct themselves in the world. In doing this, you will not only be improving yourself but doing your part to be civilized in an uncivilized world!
Download this and see how you can improve your social skills.

Failure Is Always An Option!
Dr Robert Ing There are many misplaced values in modern day society and one of them is where success is good but failure is for idiots and losers. We all know what winners and people that are successful in their endeavours get in our society. The attention, the fame, the kudos, and the potential of being a role model in their community. However, to those who had the courage, took the calculated risk, tried to do something positive and failed, there seems to be a stigma. That stigma is one of failure where business associates distance themselves, loved ones may say "I told you so", and a pool full of friends seem to dry up into a desert with barely a friendly oasis. Too much emphasis is placed on winning. This is especially true when we see in mainstream media the concept of "failure is not an option" and it is important to "win at all costs" being preached everywhere we look. Download this article to learn more.

Enemy of the State of Privacy
Dr Robert Ing In the 1998 movie, "Enemy of the State", actor Will Smith's personal privacy is invaded by his own government using high technology devices planted in his home, office and even on his person. Sounds far fetched? The technology does exist to do everything portrayed in the movie and much more. The only difference between the movie and real life is that unlike the movie where government agents physically entered the home and office of Smith, this is not necessary to breach the privacy of any citizen. If you are like most individuals, you have unknowingly permitted yourself to be tracked, documented and your privacy breached in exchange for living a life of convenience. Download this article to find out who might be watching you!

Could You Pass A Security Guard Licensing Exam?
Throughout Canada and the United States; Provinces and States are requiring those who wish to work as a Security Guard to take a course and pass a licensing examination before being permitted to work as a Security Guard. Take this brief quiz to see if you might have the basic knowledge to pass a security guard exam.

How to Apply for Employment as a Contract Security Guard in Canada
This article details strategies on applying for employment as a security guard in Canada. You will also find some interesting insights, facts and statistics on the contract security guard industry.

We Have The Technology To Stop Child Pornography
Five percent of all adult Internet traffic contains some form of Child Pornography while three percent of adult websites offer access to illegal Child Pornography. Each day approximately 75 million e-mails worldwide contain some form of Child Pornography and each month approximately 45 million files are downloaded or shared worldwide. However, the major governments of the world have the technology in place to shut down 60% to 70% of Child Pornography on the Internet and identify those responsible. The problem lies in political will and receiving the mandate to do so. Download this episode article to learn more.

How to Tell if Your Telephone may be Tapped
Dr Robert Ing We live in a world where technology is so inexpensive and plentiful that anyone with a hundred dollars can easily afford the very basic equipment to tap into your hardwired telephone line and monitor your calls. Read this article and take a simple 19 question survey to see if you should be concerned.

E-Book: Words from Beyond the Fringe
Dr. Robert Ing is a Canadian forensic scientist, broadcaster, author, magician, mentalist and occultist. As a forensic scientist, he has gained the unofficial reputation of being a “modern-day Sherlock Holmes,” and as an author and broadcaster his writing and sound bites have been quoted by others in international widespread media.

This is a small sampling of quotes from his published works, broadcasts and lectures representing thought provoking insight from the profound to the obvious. ISBN: 978-1-895377-25-5.

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