• Personal Development

    Interest versus Commitment: Where Do You Stand?

    There are many who are interested in a better life but there are only a small handful of individuals who are committed to having one. Interest requires a conscious effort to persist and prevail. An interested person is one who is curious but still subconsciously searching for more supportive information and an affirmation that he or she will be successful in this endeavour, regardless of what that may be.

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  • Personal Development

    A Man Needs To Know Himself

    A man needs to know himself. To know his own limitations. This is the only way he can be secure in himself, and by extension be secure in his relationships and how he moves about in this world. A simple exercise such as making two lists, unhurriedly over the course of a few weeks will help a man better know himself.

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  • Personal Development

    Is Your Situation at the Crossroads?

    Life is a journey with many crossroads. Often, we are faced with choices, hard choices that we would not choose to make. However, even avoiding or hesitating in making a conscious choice is a choice by default. Many lead their lives by default, not consciously making a choice and then wondering why their god or gods have forsaken them, or even worse accepting the fate they chose by default as simply "bad luck."

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