• Personal Development

    Etiquette for Those Who Choose to Be Civilized
    in an Uncivilized World

    In my life I have dined and partied with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Diplomats, the creme de la creme of society and have had soup with the people in the hood. Whether your circle in society is one of diplomats or ordinary people just trying to survive, how you behave and present yourself will either move you on to better things in your life or make you the one left behind.

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  • Personal Development

    The time has come to look at money differently:
    Let’s stop taking pride in being poor!

    I am writing this because I see so many responsible people caught up in what I can only refer to as a money trap. Now I am talking to, and referring to THE responsible people out there. The ones who do the best they can to pay their bills whether successfully or not. The ones who have to take a second or even third job just to support their loved ones and the ones that despite their own personal drive and desire just never seem to keep their head above water when it comes to money.

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  • Personal Development

    Failure Is Always An Option!

    There are many misplaced values in modern day society and one of them is where success is good but failure is for idiots and losers. We all know what winners and people that are successful in their endeavors get in our society. The attention, the fame, the kudos, and the potential of being a role model in their community.

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