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    To Be Successful You Must Start With You
    by Dr. Robert Ing

    There are many self-help and motivational materials around that will tell you they have and will reveal the secret behind realizing wealth in your life. Unfortunately, most people buy or subscribe to these only to make their authors wealthy and are often left with the life changing event of a few binders, books, videos or audio CDs occupying their bookshelf or a box in their basement for years to come. Perhaps some of these inside systems may work for some people but they certainly don’t work for everyone.

    A lot of it has to do with the person. Their mindset, habits, current lifestyle and what their real goals are if any. There are many people promoting ‘millionaire’ success systems that tell you, it doesn’t matter who you are, just work/follow their system and you can duplicate (my, our) success. I say bollocks! If you really think about it, following someone else’s system means you have given up some control and placed a ceiling on what you may or may not earn. With systems such as these, if the system fails or the ‘overlords’ of the system decide to call it quits – you are finished and so is the often touted residual income they had you buy into. Furthermore, from my observation, many of these systems are based not on getting real people to buy a service or a product but rather getting other people into the system itself with a product or service put in as a second priority (to legally make it a legitimate business).

    The first rule of becoming wealthy is that a product or service must be sold directly. Now that product can be the usual consumer products or it may be stocks, bonds, diamonds, commodity futures, etc. Services can be any professional or vocational service. However, if there is no product or service to sell as the primary function of the business, you will only be making someone else rich while they toss you a few bones. I am certain you really don’t want to do that. My posts here are to make you a leader not a follower when it comes to developing the physical and intellectual insight needed to create wealth in your life.

    People are not created equal. This is a very controversial concept, especially when we are often taught and quoted lines regarding human equality. Each of us has our own unique abilities, insights, intellect and life experiences. To be equal with everyone else would be boring and would mean that everyone would lead a mediocre life. Not good. Society itself, attempts to address its peoples as being equal rather than on their own individual merits, strengths and abilities; thus equally rewarding and punishing all. Indeed, there are many exalted as role models of our modern day society who are nothing more than cardboard media made idols. So, never compare yourself to someone else nor even think about competing with them. They are not an equal or worthy opponent. The only worthy opponent you have, is you. It is you who must set the bar for yourself in the way of a goal or objective. It is you who must fight your own fear of success and that of not feeling strong enough or that what you want is impossible in your lifetime. There is nothing outside of you, that can rob you of your goal.

    No matter where you are in life today, at this moment, realize that if you intend to live a full, rich life, there must only be five priorities in your life.

    (in descending order)

    1. Yourself
    2. Your Family
    3. Your Friends & Colleagues
    4. Your Clients
    5. Your Employer

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