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    Why I Am Successful When Others Never Get There
    by Dr. Robert Ing

    For me, I decided early on that I wanted to accumulate experiences instead of material things because they would be with me for the rest of my life and no one could take them from me. I could use these experiences to help create/build other ones, and in that I would always have the basic experience-skills to be successful. The wealth and its benefits came along as a result of this, not the other way around – as the majority of people approach it, and often fail.

    You shouldn’t go into business to make money but rather, go into business to get as many people (customers/clients) one at a time as you can to share your vision/idea/art and as a result they will buy into it (pay for it) and you will benefit monetarily. Don’t make the mistake most do and have a daily mantra you want to make a million dollars in a certain time span. You are focusing on the wrong end of the horse and limiting what you believe you can make to only a million dollars. Once you do make a million, the journey is far from over, and you will find once you realize this, the next million and the next is easier.

    It all starts with an idea. While you may have several ideas, you have to settle on one and build on it to the point where it is solid before moving onto the next idea – you cannot spread yourself all over several start-up projects; you’ll do an average job at all of them at best, or completely fail. Make a plan on how to get your one idea out there, in the public so people can be aware of it and then buy into it.

    You have to be honest with yourself when putting together your plan. Do you have all the skills, knowledge and experience to make it a reality? If not, you must either work on acquiring them (reading, taking courses, doing research) or surrounding yourself with people who can provide you with what you need. However, you must be very careful you only rely on each individual for a piece of the puzzle you need and not more than a third of it, otherwise you run the risk of mentoring your own future competitor.

    Once you have the skills, experience and knowledge in place, you must be laser focused and persistent in connecting with the public; first to create awareness/interest and secondly to get them to buy in. It is at this phase you must not be thrown off course by relatives, friends or naysayers and especially your own doubts. You must stick to your plan, fine tune and adjust it as necessary but never give up.

    Most of all, as I have said, go into it from the standpoint and primary goal of doing it for the experience – the opportunity; not for the money. If it is a solid experience and you are persistent; the money will follow. If it isn’t, you can walk away with honour, an experienced individual with no drama; secure in the knowledge that your goal of getting the experience was successful.

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