• Personal Development

    Interest versus Commitment: Where Do You Stand?
    by Dr. Robert Ing

    There are many who are interested in a better life but there are only a small handful of individuals who are committed to having one. Interest requires a conscious effort to persist and prevail. An interested person is one who is curious but still subconsciously searching for more supportive information and an affirmation that he or she will be successful in this endeavour, regardless of what that may be. A committed person is one who having all the reassuring information they require on both a conscious and subconscious level goes forth and pursues their objective in a naturally instinctive manner, much like having a meal or leaving the house. You don’t think, pause or analyze doing these, nor do you measure the time it may take to prepare or get ready to do so. You are committed to your objective and never consider the time it takes to prepare, or the setbacks such as traffic or other things you must do as your mind is not interested in the emotional or intellectual issues associated with the prerequisites but is committed to the achievement – the end result.

    Having said this, there will always be tests to determine your commitment. True commitment knows no time restriction and is persistent until achievement is accomplished. However, interest (not that interest is a bad thing) typically comes with several self-imposed restrictions; time limitations, and a preset level of persistence before it runs its course or discouragement (without reassurance or fulfillment) is realized.

    Interest in achieving something is nice. Commitment to achieve is the key to real success.

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