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    Is Your Situation at the Crossroads?
    by Dr. Robert Ing

    Life is a journey with many crossroads. Often, we are faced with choices, hard choices that we would not choose to make. However, even avoiding or hesitating in making a conscious choice is a choice by default. Many lead their lives by default, not consciously making a choice and then wondering why their god or gods have forsaken them, or even worse accepting the fate they chose by default as simply "bad luck." Taking command, control and responsibility for ones life, the choices made and consequences whether good or bad (a subjective view) is never easy for anyone. Most people look outside - in for the answer and cause. They seek an epiphany or outside force for guidance and hope for divine benevolence externally. The problem of course is that they overlook the fact that within themselves is the purest divine power and in realizing this, if ever, would see that every living entity (including humans) must look inside (within themselves) to the outside world, not the other way.

    Perhaps, it is the conditioning we have had since infancy, where we have been made to look outward, rather than inward - to seek external benevolence, to stay on our knees, be meek, and follow than lead.

    The power of all creation, the universe is within you. It is manifest by every breath you take, every thought you will ever have and you are the centre of your known universe, the manifestation of all that you have been and what you are today, and what you can be tomorrow. But know that the future is a hope, a promise, a fable and real truth and reality is now, today. Your future, like a mirror made from jigsaw puzzle pieces will and can only reflect the choices you make today. Each choice is an important jigsaw piece that when joined with other pieces (choices made) will be the mirror of your past choices manifest as your future.

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle scripted for Holmes, "The world is filled with obvious things that no one ever notices." Your situation is akin to a painting by a great master. You are in the centre of it, inside a beautiful gold dore frame of which you cannot see for you are mounted within the frame (situation) itself and cannot see that the frame has a top, bottom and sides - it is not endless or infinite. You must look inward, within yourself and use the power within to project yourself (astrally so to speak) to see the complete work. Seeing all of it, and knowing its limitations you will soon realize that YOU have no limitations.

    Change your perspective and you will change your situation. You have the power within.

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