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    My Last Words
    by Dr. Robert Ing

    The Internet is filled with letters, notes and videos of people giving their last (prior to death) message to loved ones and enemies.

    So, one day I was sitting in a pick-up bar, of all places, thinking to myself, what message or bit of knowledge would I want to pass on to loved ones and the world. I mean of course, after all the mushy, intimate and passionate things my strength would muster for those very close to me. What secrets of my life and success that I had proven time and time again, that I had seen cause people failure and drama in their lives, that I could say hey, wake up, this is what you need.

    Being a fellow who doesn’t like to read or be subjected to long protracted things, I have tried to keep my essay short and as practical as possible. So here are the 6 concepts or principles I would convey to you. A gift as it were, if it were to be the last I could leave you with.

    First and foremost, invest in yourself before anyone else. To be honest, if you haven’t invested in yourself you will not be able to take care of, or invest in anyone else. You need to be sure and certain you are living the life you want and are living life as you, yourself. Not the life you just stumbled into, not trying to please other people or being the person your mother, your father, your partner, your boss wants or thinks you should be. You have to be you. You have to do things and experience the things you want. But every so often, perhaps monthly, take a chance, go on an adventure, do something that you have never done before, get out of your comfort zone because that’s when you will realize just how really alive you are. Invest in yourself by learning, and experiencing all that you can.

    As you live your life you will be subjected to, and programmed to be a consumer of physical things, possessions. Do your best to not place a high value on such things and know all physical possessions are temporary, they all wear out, get lost, get stolen and just go out of fashion. You never get in return, the value you put into them. Rather, invest or put your money into traveling the world, attending events or getting an education. These are called experiences and they will be with you for rest of your life. No one can or may take them from you and they won’t break down. Want to go further? Get your pilot’s license, buy an airplane because as they say a mile of highway will take you a mile but a mile of runway will take you anywhere you want to go. As you read this, you are at a point in your life where you are the sum of all your past experiences. In nothing will you be so poor, and in nothing will you be so rich.

    While we are discussing physical, material objects, it goes without saying, we all have to buy things to live our daily lives. But when you do, buy things that are durable, not trendy and you can see yourself using 3 years from now. Can’t see yourself using that cute little pig themed fridge magnet for $10 or Alfonso designer handbag for $3000 in 3 years? Well then, you don’t really need it and shouldn’t buy it. The money you save could go towards something more permanent, plus you really don’t need all that clutter. Have you ever wondered why people tend to end up getting physically violent when involved in a one on one, personal disagreement? One person will get violent with another not out of anger but out of frustration which leads to anger which leads to a punch in the face. The frustration, the root cause doesn’t arrive out of hate but because the individual does not feel what they are saying is being taken seriously or perhaps not even listened to. In order to get attention, in order to cause an interruption in the exchange and tell the other person “hey, look and listen to me”, the person will throw a punch. Sadly and regrettably, with the exception of alcohol and drugs, this is where this type of situation begins. People, seem to get so frustrated and upset with the smallest of issues. That idiot who dented your car in the parking lot, the fellow who cut you off on the road, those people talking trash about you, that longtime “friend” who disrespected you, your partner who messed around on you, and the list could easily go on. These people are not worth your time or energy. Are you going to just lay down and take their crap? Of course not, you are going to learn the limits of, and how far these people can be trusted, can be relied upon and how they behave. Then instead of getting to their level, resist this urge, you are going to go out and continue living your life, not breaking your stride in enjoying a life you are in control of, and achieve more than they ever will. If what bothers, stresses or upsets you today will not affect your life 3 years from now, let it go and stop wasting a minute of your life or energy on it. You cannot convince an ignorant person they are ignorant. Don’t let people with all their drama and bullshit stop or slow you down living your life. Shit happens but if you keep moving it won’t fall on you.

    Have you noticed today, there are so many dysfunctional people, the environment – nature, the weather is completely messed up, and well, we live in a world of great unsurety and I am actually talking about you, your own personal observations and take on this. There are days you will walk outside and feel you are really living in The Matrix but the program is all out of sync on so many levels; everything is surreal. If you are going to get through this, survive it without wanting or ever thinking about blowing your brains out or playing chicken with a train you are going to have to learn to let go of the bad experiences of your past and that includes the recent past, like last week or even yesterday. Letting go of the past is the toughest and most challenging self-sacrificing act you can do for yourself. If you can’t let go of your past, you will forever have a monkey on your back and a noose around your neck that will be like a time bomb just waiting for the right moment to pull you down and destroy your self-confidence and ambition. Don’t let it. Let it go. I know from personal and painful experience that even love, compassion and forgiveness cannot eradicate another person’s penchant and obsession to hang on to the bad experiences of the past. Learn from your past but do not hang on to it or wear it like a badge of honour. There is no honour nor advantage to living in the past. Let it go.

    A lot of people will tell you that they never achieved their dreams or got to where they wanted because they didn’t have the money. Let me tell you, having resources like money and time is an earned privilege. No one, no where is going to give you those privileges, you have to earn them. However, everyone is born with a survival skill known as resourcefulness but in our instant gratification, click a button for action society, it is a skill that goes untapped and undeveloped. Resourcefulness gives you the ability to see an opportunity, it changes your perception so you can look at a thing and realize that even without the money or without the time, you can still make it work. Which will ultimately lead you to earning money and having more time in your life. Be resourceful. Try looking at things, the situation in a way no one else ever has. Develop and use your resourcefulness so that they will yield wealth and quality time in your life.

    And so ends the final message I would want to pass on. Some will understand at first reading the six concepts I have discussed, whereas others may need to study it further, should they be so inclined. Nonetheless, accept this as my gift to you.


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