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Robert Ing , DSc, FAPSc, FInstMP(UK) is a Canadian forensic scientist, mentalist, author, adventurer and video presenter. As a forensic specialist he has made frequent appearances on major television news and talk networks on issues of national security, espionage risk management, privacy issues, identity theft, electronic surveillance and technology crime. A recognized authority on technical security and investigation, Dr. Ing has given workshops and lectured extensively on forensic intelligence issues under the auspices of the federal governments of the United States and Canada. An advocate for science literacy and awareness, he has been the host of several video documentaries for public broadcast in North America and the United Kingdom.

As a mentalist he performs interactive mind reading and paranormal demonstrations on stage for live audiences. In this role he is best known for his theatrical performances of nail gun roulette and a 19th century inspired bullet catch.

He is a Fellow of the Academy of Police Science and a Fellow of the Institute of Meridian Psychotherapy. A respected and multi-disciplined professional, he has been the recipient of many awards such as the Kaufman Humanitarian Award, Emergency Services Medal, the Norris R. Browne Memorial Award, the Warrior's Medal, the Venerable Order of the Knights of Michael the Archangel, and the Sovereign's Medal to name a few. Dr. Robert Ing has held three adjunct professorships and six honourary degrees.

Early Life

Robert Ing was born in East York Township, Canada. His interest in science began when his grade 4 teacher, A.R. Brownsberger introduced him to astronomy and the theory of flight through an extra-curricular science program. Since that time he pursued personal studies in astronomy and evolved in aviation studies from building radio controlled aircraft from scratch to obtaining his pilot's licence and participating in precision flight team demonstrations. His love for all things scientific had seen him attend the prestigious Cambridge Academy and later pursue studies in, at the time, a new field of science known as Police and Forensic Science. His dedication to the study of science would see him obtain an Associate of Science degree in Forensic Science, a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Engineering, and then later a Doctor of Science degree.

Robert's second love was magic, another interest nurtured by his babysitter's father, Alex Morrison, a well known Australian parlour and stage magician-illusionist of the 1940's and 1950's who appeared as Professor Lexmore. Encouraged, Robert performed magic classics such as the linking rings and rabbit from an empty hat at the age of 9. It was this experience carried through his later years that would see him as an adult perform mind reading (mentalism) and paranormal feats in front of live audiences in North America and in the United Kingdom. Throughout his life he maintained this balance of scientist by day and performer by night. At an early age he served honourably in the Canadian Armed Forces and is a fourth generation Veteran.

Professional Life

Robert Ing went on to become a recognized authority in the field of technical security and investigation and has given workshops and lectured extensively on forensic intelligence issues under the auspices of the federal governments of the United States and Canada. In 2001 he became an American Police Hall of Fame award recipient, the first Canadian to receive such an honour. He has appeared as a guest and host on major local, national and international news networks such as A&E, BBC, CanWest/Global, CBC, CNN, CP24, CTS, Discovery Channel, NPR, OMNI, PBS and TVO to name a few. Speaking and presenting not only on security issues of the day but also on issues of general science, he has been instrumental in increasing the awareness of the general public with regard to science and technology.

He became the first Canadian to serve and represent Canada on the boards of the Electronics Technicians Association International (ETAI) and the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET). The author of several books and numerous articles, his research activities had seen him assist in development projects ranging from micro communication satellites, radio telescopes and the design of diagnostic antennas to terrestrial based solar wireless digital repeater systems. He is a Certified Protection Officer Instructor - CPOI (IFPO), a Certified Training & Development Professional - CTDP (HRA), a Certified Master Electronics Technician - CETma (ETAI/ISCET), Certified in Subconscious Analysis & Reprogramming (SAR/CASP), and Certified in Ennematics (Personality Profiling - CASP).

His many publications have included Advanced Tactical Signals Intelligence, The Canadian Military Radio Frequency Guide, Military Radio Monitoring, Principles of Radio Communications with Emergency Service Applications, Protomodelling of Interferometric Devices, Improvised Technology in Counter-Intelligence Applications, Introduction to Digital Incident Investigation, The Certified Electronics Technician (CET) Study Guide as contributing author, The Certified Customer Service Specialist Study Guide, Espionage Risk Management, Basic Accident Investigation, Forensic Intelligence in the Global War on Terrorism, The Safety-Security Handbook and The Forensic Case-Book of Dr. Robert Ing.

Selected Projects

- 2020 founded Life Street Education Corporation, a developer, publisher and distributor of experiential adult learning materials and programs in an effort to reduce educational barriers to the working poor.

- 2015 founded and sponsored the ESLAN Polytechnic Portal offering access to adult learning courses and diploma programs for Canada’s northern communities and Indigenous Peoples. The portal currently serves 54 communities in Canada’s northern territories as well as the northern regions of all provinces. Independent project.

- 2007 to 2009 organised, conducted training and directed volunteer street safety patrols for those living rough, neighbourhood watch activities and food bank support in the community in association with the Guardian Angels Safety Patrol .

- 2007 founded and sponsored the Blessed Black Angels Initiative an international urban community project whose mission is the empowerment of Black Women of all ages through the provision of transitional scholarships and business grants utilizing partnerships with corporate and government sponsors. Independent project.

- 2004 to 2005 lobbied the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, armed with a petition of over 5 million signatories in order to convince these governments to utilize the technological resources of each country's intelligence services as an investigative aid in the apprehension of international child pornographers and human traffickers. Independent project in association with King’s Markham Forensic Services.

- 1998 to 2016 founded and curated the East York Museum of Curiosities a traveling exhibit and mobile museum project featuring a selection of cabinet of curiosity artefacts from the 15th to 19th centuries. This museum project toured and had an online virtual gallery until 2016. Independent project.

- 1996 to 1998 developed and authored a Customer Service study guide for the certification of those working in the electronics service industry. Created for the customer service certification program of the Electronics Technicians Association International, this guide is currently used world wide throughout schools, colleges and universities. Dr. Ing received an award from the Governor General of Canada for this project. This project was independently initiated by Dr. Ing in association with the Electronics Technicians Association International (ETAI).

- 1995 authored one of the first white papers alerting the intelligence community to the national security risk of undetectable "backstop" instructive code computer viruses. Independent project in association with the Centre for Communications Security Research.

- 1994 presented a detailed plan and white paper on the redeployment of surplus (decommissioned) biomedical equipment from first world nations to developing second and third world African nations. Independent project.

- 1990 to 1998 developed an electronic counter-surveillance training program for intelligence personnel in hostile environments and a special anti-terrorism training program. As a result, Dr. Ing received an award from the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Independent project.

- 1986 to 1991 conducted research into astronomical interferometry leading to the development of enhanced aperature synthesis imaging circuitry. The resulting circuit design schematics were made available as open source and creative commons materials after their publication in, Protomodelling of Interferometric Devices, by Robert Ing in 1991 (ISBN 1-895377-04-8). In recognition, an award was received from the International Astronomical Interferometry Society. Independent project in association with Atropos Telecom.



“Robert Ing has a substantial depth of knowledge about privacy and security technologies, and is able not only to share that knowledge, but also comment on the present and future significance of these technologies.”
- Laura Boast, Discovery Channel

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"I quite enjoyed your book and am thoroughly impressed not only with your expertise,
but additionally with your ability to communicate that to others through your writing.
'Bravo' to you for truly outstanding work."

- Peter H. Gilmore

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Words from Beyond the Fringe
Dr. Robert Ing is a Canadian forensic scientist, broadcaster, author, magician, mentalist and occultist. As a forensic scientist, he has gained the unofficial reputation of being a “modern-day Sherlock Holmes,” and as an author and broadcaster his writing and sound bites have been quoted by others in international widespread media. This is a small sampling of quotes from his published works, broadcasts and lectures representing thought provoking insight from the profound to the obvious. ISBN: 978-1-895377-25-5.

"Dr. Ing is truly a twenty-first century member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."
- Paul B. Hedges, Channel 81 Productions

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"Robert is an excellent communicator who has helped us numerous times to unfold stories that pertain to concerns about Internet sleuthing, privacy and threats to privacy."
- Darryl Konynenbelt, Canwest/Global Television

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